A few music ideas

I haven’t really done much writing since finishing Pat Pattison’s Songwriting in Coursera. I guess I’ve been occupied with other pressing matters. Managing my photography course has been time-consuming. Another course of mine started earlier today. That’s going to take up some of my time, too. And when I do pick up the guitar, it’s to work on my assignments in the Introduction to Guitar course, also from Berklee College of Music via Coursera. It’s almost done, and it’s been an interesting experience. Even though it’s a beginner level course, it still managed to expose much of my weaknesses as a guitar player.

I also had to practice a song called Running To Stand Still. When thinking of U2’s The Joshua Tree album, for most people, it’s always about the first three or four tracks. I don’t even know if non-U2 fans have even heard of it, but Running To Stand Still is part of the album, and happens to be my dad’s favorite. It really is a well-written simple little song. I played it in UPOU Headquarters on his day of retirement and recognition of his professor emeritus status. I tried to slither out of my part in the programme to no avail. But I admit it was nice to share to the university what little common ground me and my dad have when it comes to music. And… it was nice to play a song and have the audience’s complete attention and get really complimented for it for a change.

Anyway, that song was not as simple to play as I thought and had to spend hours on it. And I still didn’t get to play it the way I really wanted. But the interesting thing about practicing for it was that I started plucking a simple passage that evolved into an idea:

It’s simple, but very emotional, as my songwriting classmates and online contacts remarked. I like emotional. I’m looking forward to wherever this idea takes me. I mean I’ve had quite a few guitar multi-effects units in my time. But I never really got into doing ambient guitar. That might change soon. This Line 6 POD HD500 is one heck of a device.

Another thing I’ve been spending a bit of time with is listening to the projects of my Songwriting classmates. One of them is Aseem, an Indian based in Greece (or at least I think he lives in Greece right now) who came up with a catchy song idea in our series of assignments in class.

He’s been talking about hitting a stone wall with this one. I’m thinking that’s a shame, since it really sounds promising. I’ll see if I can help him, but first, I have to figure out how to play the song. I think I’m almost done with that.

I think the song is almost complete. Aseem said he’s got the music laid out. Then again, I think there’s something else it needs. I can’t put a finger on it yet, though. Hopefully it’ll come to me. Or better yet, I hope it comes to him — it’s his song! Then I can just ask his permission to cover it when I go out and play.

But for now, I need to find the time and inspiration to finish these off and come up with real songs…

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