Mini-review: 86

A friend strongly recommended this one a while ago. Coincidentally, it came out on Netflix recently, so that solved the issue of having to figure out how to watch it.

I sort of get the comparisons with Code Geass. They both have a dystopian story, mech action and partial resemblance between the main male characters. But the similarities end there, at least for me.

Whether it’s live action or animated, 86 is arguably the most captivating series I’ve watched this year. The sound and visuals are exceptional, and I liked the music more than I typically would with anime. But they’re not what kept me watching. What really got me was the great story-telling that doesn’t suffer from the uneven pacing, over the top drama or excessive silliness that I think prevents some adults from taking anime seriously. The plot is tight and wastes little time in telling a gritty, yet cerebral story of war, loss, oppression and hope.

I generally roll my eyes when the word masterpiece gets thrown around in reference to anything that’s still relatively new. And I did, as I tried glancing through fan reviews before I watched the first episode. Reflecting on it now… well goddamn. I don’t see why this show wouldn’t stand the test of time. The only thing I hate about the whole thing is I have no idea when the next set of episodes come out.

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