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UPOU Community Site

This is a pet project which I planned at the start of my career in UPOU. It is supposed to be a content-driven website ideally comprising of faculty, staff, students and alumni posting articles and blogs whose topics, as well as participating in an online forum whose topics don’t exactly fit in the official UPOU website and MOODLE. Since the middle of 2008, the community site has attained a certain degree of success in reaching out to several students. It has become a springboard for extra-curricular discussion and activities which are severely lacking in UPOU. The augmentation of the website with social networking tools have further boosted site traffic and has reached more members of the UPOU community than any other online community prior to Facebook.

Unfortunately, the site closed in 2011 as the core group in the community moved on. This highlighted the problem of sustainability. This i perhaps the biggest issue in establishing a viable online community within the university.